When I was growing up every Summer we’d travel to see my Grandmother in Virginia. During every stay I remember how intrigued I was to look at her old photo albums filled with sepia and black & white photos of her lifetime. I can remember her finger pointing to each photo and giving me details about the people we’d be observing. I remember my first camera when I was a child. I received it in a gift pack from Michael’s when they had a grand opening in our area. It was a small, red 35mm camera that the view finder could be popped down or up. My dad took me to Stone Mountain shortly after and I remember toting my camera around taking photos. The stories photos can tell has always intrigued me. In high school I entered some fairs and won a few ribbons with my macro photography that I was told would serve me well in the advertisement industry. When my husband and I were dating we were really into toy cameras – Holga & Diana+. After being married, and having our first little guy I realized how much fun I had capturing every little moment. I’ve decided that life is too short and you need to do whatever it is that makes you happy. For me, it’s capturing these small moments in time for you in hopes that one day your grandchildren can sit with you, and you’d be able to laugh about the memories each photo brings.

Photo credits to Ashley White: Photographer